COMMUNITY//April 29, 2020

Post Covid-19 | Is the Next Crisis a Mental Health Pandemic?


"I believe and agree that a mental health pandemic or crisis as a result of massive depression and suicides in the wake of the weakening spread of Coronavirus, is the last thing we want to hear about. On the other hand, we can't just bury our heads in the sand expecting it to disappear... #mentalhealth #mentalhealthcrises

Mental Well-being During a Global Pandemic


Tips for maintaining mental wellness during a life-altering crises...

#OliviaFriedman #OliviaGraceFriedman Mental Well Being During Covid-19

Students Suing Universities: Complexities of Contract Law from a Law Students' Perspective


Tips for maintaining mental wellness during a life-altering crises...

Olivia believes universities and businesses will seek federal protections against students and customers, suing them...

#ContractLawComplexities @oliviafriedmanoncontractlaw Olivia Friedman on Contract Law



July 29, 2020

We’ve all heard about temperature checks to guard against spreading the coronavirus, but what else will you face if/when you head back to work? How about getting zapped with decontamination lights? Some businesses are taking a high-tech approach when it comes to protecting against Covid-19, implementing UV light “cleanse portals,” reports Business Insider (story here)  “It’s not just workplaces that might have these light chambers,” says Futurist & Business Consultant, Olivia Friedman. “Similar to a metal detector, stores and restaurants may also have you walk through a UV light ‘cleanse portal.'”   

 OLIVIA FRIEDMAN is a US Navy Veteran, where she worked as an Aerospace Medicine Technician and Information Securities Officer. She also worked for US Defense Contractor, Northrup Grumman. Olivia is currently a Business Coach and Juris Doctorate candidate at a private University.

WEBSITE: https://www.truesuccesscoaching.comOlivia is also CIO of the Institute of Higher Global Studies, a firm specializing in business development, technology and executive consulting, and has been nominated as CIO of the Year. 


SENATOR MARSHA BLACKBURN (R-TN) & the author of Slanted also on this episode...