Employers Could Cut Pay Instead of Jobs. It Can Work, I Know First Hand!

The Question | Why Has This Not Been Happening?

By Olivia “Grace” Friedman, Thrive On Campus Editor-at-Large from Pepperdine University

Author, “Year of the Woman | 2020 and Beyond" Why We Need Women in Positions of Power

Remembering USF Holland and so many other corporations, small businesses included, is evidence that cutting pay can sometime help keep not only employees afloat in an economic downturn or crises such as now with Covid-19, yet can also help to keep the employer in business.

So then, we might all wonder why so many corporations are laying off so many people, yet are not giving the option to pay them less, wherever allowed. We know we are living in an era where we have no idea what to do since the times we are living in are unprecedented, and demand 110% of most of us on a daily basis. Yet to miss a fine details such as this that could quite possibly offer some relief to so many employees, contractors and employers alike - why has this alternative not been explored - and on a national if not world-wide basis?

What are your thoughts?

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