Why is everyone is upset about Biden having an all female press team. Because it's usually all men?

At some point we all have to admit, women are shown bias by other women almost as much as we are by men. This is a sad reality and one I mentioned when on the air with a nationally syndicated radio station in Boston back in March. I made it clear that the women on her own turf did not support her in her run for the presidency.

Of course many told me it was because they simply did not like her. Others said she wanted the platform and the power all for herself, and not for the people. Either way, she was shunned by just as many women as she was men. And if you're shocked to learn this, I cannot understand why--it's the norm. But until women begin to realize we must stick together a bit more, as opposed to being placed in the mindset that we are competing against one another for the attention of men, and that we must show out to stand out, this will not change any time soon!

In my book, Year of the Woman 2020 and Beyond: Why We Need More Women in Positions of Power, I mentioned Biden and the likelihood of him choosing a female running mate. Finally it has come to fruition. But now we have an even bigger problem which is getting Trump out of the White House.

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